Saturday, May 30, 2015

Choral Counterpoints.

Thank you, Brother Aaron, for passing along Twisted Measure's a cappella rendition of Sia's "Chandelier." Goosebump alert to the extreme! I love when choirs take famous pop songs, burn them with soul-fire, and unleash them with full-throttled heart back at us. Here are four of my favorites -- the first two include the artist's official music video and the second two feature audio only; all four are followed by their choral counterpoints. Just click on each song title for the YouTube video to pop up. Get ready to tear up, smile wide, and dream big with shadow-laced hope.

Sia, Chandelier:

Twisted Measure, Chandelier:

Florence + the Machine, Shake It Out:

Capital Children's Choir, Shake It Out:

Bat for Lashes, Horse & I (*audio):

London Contemporary Voices feat. BeatFox, Horse & I:

Tori Amos, Flying Dutchman (*audio):

PS22 Chorus, Flying Dutchman:


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