Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carving Inspiration

My cousin Jyl's website says it all, loud-n-around and right up front: she's an artist, playwright, and sculpture. She's got the talent, the drive, and a muse who clearly admires her on the deepest level. Take a peek -- you'll be in awe. Just click here. Motion Filmworks is crafting a documentary about her, and here's what they have to say:

"Carving Italian marble by hand with a hammer and chisel, Jyl Bonaguro creates fragmented figurative sculptures that fuse ancient techniques with modern ideas. Her artistic intention is to reveal how countless civilizations have risen and fallen to be only reduced to ruins.

Her journey as a self taught sculptor will take her to Italy this summer to work and film at the famous marble quarries in Carrara where Michelangelo himself sculpted. Motion Filmworks will be documenting this journey and is proud to release this first glimpse into the world of hand carving."

You can check out the trailer here. Congratulations, Jyl -- you're an inspiration to all artists, in any medium. You walk your talk -- or should I say, you chisel your talk?


Blogger Jyl Bonaguro said...

I couldn't chisel my talk without the support of my fabulously talented cousin :) !!


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