Friday, July 27, 2012

Peak Freak Post

Sent to Chris Alexander at Fangoria Magazine today, after reading the latest issue:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "Twin Peaks" in Fangoria's "First Rites," and for your time spent with the Sheryl Lee and Ray Wise interviews. I was touched by your words, as I also remember watching the pilot and talking with my mother about it. I was in seventh grade, and my father had just dropped my brothers and me off from a weekend at his place. My mother was out on a date, and I snuggled in front of the TV, curious about "Twin Peaks" after seeing the tantalizing trailers. Immediately, I was pulled into David Lynch and Mark Frost's world, and come hell or high water -- come the Black Lodge or a river washing up a body wrapped in plastic -- I made sure to watch every episode in real-time, and to see Fire Walk with Me in the theater. My mother, Jan, told me that while out on her date "Twin Peaks" was playing up on the big-screen TV in the pub, and she kept glancing over at the screen, distracted, wishing she were home watching it with me. We've remedied that in style, just like your favorite chewing gum: she's joined me for TP marathons, and a few years ago we traveled from Portland to North Bend to attend the festival, meet the stars, tour the sites, and bask in heavenly, quirky geekdom. (Highlight: during our first night there, my mother and I joined some strangers in a conversation about the show, and when a mention of BOB came up, my mother went, "Wait, who's BOB again?" Stunned silence all around us -- and me with a huge smile on my face as I shook my head.) We met so many incredible people that weekend, and both of us have commented time and again that it's one of the best weekends of our lives. Good energy all around! Paramount Pictures was filming a featurette for the Gold Box Edition, and while we weren't interviewed it's fun to watch the featurette and have our "Where's Waldo?" moments where you can catch us in the background here and there. Chris, your love of "Twin Peaks" shined through every word in this issue of Fangoria -- thanks again for the great read!

Warm Regards,
Nathan Buck
Portland, OR