Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gothic Geekdom

My recent letter to the editors at Entertainment Weekly:

Dear EW,

You neglected to mention Trinity, South Carolina, of American Gothic fame in your "Quirkiest TV Towns" featurette a few weeks ago, and now you've scorned do-badder Sheriff Lucas Buck and the other residents of Trinity yet again by failing to mention American Gothic in your article praising "the 25 best cult TV shows from the past 25 years." Where's the love? Maybe not in Sheriff Buck's dark, demonic heart but certainly in that of Caleb, Buck's 10-year-old nemesis and possible son. Courtesy of producer Sam Raimi and creator Shaun Cassidy, Lucas and Caleb went head-to-head in an epic battle of good versus evil for 22 episodes in this steamy, backwater community, and were helped and hindered by ghostly guardian angel Merlyn, Caleb's sister; the good Doctor Matt; Caleb's protective cousin, Gail; seductress sphinx Selena, Buck's sometime-lover; and many others, including Caleb's friend Rose, played by a pre-Once & Again Evan Rachel Wood. Okay, I'll admit I may be biased since the sheriff and I share the last name, but still -- is there any better tagline than the creepy, "Someone's at the door"?

Warm Regards,
Nathan Buck
Portland, OR