Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Little Moon Daughter

You fall in love with them. They love you back unconditionally. There's a language that transcends species, united with a trust and friendship not always found between humans. As my coworker said to me, "Their little paws work their way into your heart and stamp paw prints there."

Gus & I had to say goodbye to Luna last week. After 15 years, one eyeball removal, arthritis diagnosis, and near complete loss of hearing ("he said humorously"), Luna told us it was time to go frolic in the meadows of the intangible sky. More accurately, her body told her. She suffered a seizure, and something neurologically slipped past the finish line. Gus and I knew that keeping her with us here, on earth, would be for us, not what was best for her.

I'm so glad we held a birthday party in her honor this past May. We had doggie cupcakes and human pizza, and we sang to my lil' broken coat Jack Russell Terrier (even though she couldn't hear us!). We drank wine. Luna wandered around the house like she could care less. It was perfect.

You know what's more perfect? Mom's birthday card to Luna, which we read again on her final morning, right before we took her on her last walk around the neighborhood. Here it is:


Dear Luna,

You certainly are a dog of destiny. You have winked your way through a host of life changes. What a powerhouse. My life has certainly been better for knowing you. Via the fateful garage sale I have gained love, friendship, dedication, adventure, and learned respect. You never give up. You attack life without reservation. Your determination is beyond imagination. You show us how to keep on keeping on regardless of all circumstances. What a woman! The best blessing is your way of bringing wonderful people together. You have united us via iron fences, cats, chickens, opossums, snakes, blindness, love of Ollie, non-love of Two Step, and you have shown us how to adapt to the changes of life.

It has been an honor to know you. I love you and all of the mamas that have helped to make the Luna experience so wonderful + unique.

Love to you,
Mama 3

I miss my Luna, my daughter, our Winky-Lu, our Lulu, our Turkey Girl, our Whirly-Twirly Girl. At the vet's, during her passing, Gus and I were blessed and lucky to be joined by Gail (Mama 1), Brenda (Mama 2), Charles (Mama 2's Number #1 man), and Janice (my mom, Luna's Mama 3). Dr. Bob Bruno and his associates guided us through Luna's transition with peace, elegance, and grace. We feel eternally grateful for their compassionate professionalism.

Luna, I know you're a different kind of energy now, chasing chickens and cats across the skies, bouncing from cloud to cloud without hindrances, licking Ollie's nose in excitement at being reunited with him. My family has expressed to me these very same thoughts. You live on, in our hearts. You'll always be my favorite moon.